Here’s the Path Between You and Having
More Money, Deeper Love, and Greater Joy




If you want to create the life of your dreams, then you need to read every word of this exciting letter, because it could change everything




There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to stand up and say, “enough is enough.” And that’s the day when you decide to change your life for the better by taking charge and creating the life of your dreams (not someone else’s).


pic-2I’m Sue Ascioti-Plange and I know what that feeling is like. I will share my story with you in a moment, but I will say that since I learned to apply Universal principles with success, I vowed that I would do what I could to help others to create their best lives too. I have had success in my career, business, and relationships because of knowing how to apply the Law of Attraction. I am now a certified Law of Attraction practitioner who has been helping others for over twenty-five years. In my work coaching physicians, administrators, and teams of hospital employees, I have seen a lot of miracles happen. Now it is your turn! I have partnered with Tanya Brockett, a nationally known educator in the areas of Law of Attraction, Entrepreneurship, and Book Publishing to make that happen for you.


pic-3I’m Tanya Brockett and I have been teaching others to create positive experiences in their lives for more than two decades. I began by teaching small businesses how to launch, grow, and harvest; then I moved into my second passion—authorpreneurship and publishing. Once I learned, tweaked, and applied the Law of Attraction in my own life for nearly a decade, I incorporated it into my training and coaching in small doses. I am so excited to partner with Sue to bring this important message to even more people who need it, so they can live a full and happy life.

We Know What it is Like to Struggle in Life


Perhaps you know how hard it is to stay positive when every thing you try keeps falling flat. Or you know what it is like to lose your job and not have a way to replace the income. Or maybe you have come out of a bad relationship and there is no one else to keep you warm at night. It could be that you are a single parent and have no idea how to create an income for your family while being a great parent. Possibly your life is simply out of balance and you can’t see a way to take care of yourself while taking care of others. Or maybe you just keep having rotten things happen to you and you can’t seem to turn things around. We know what it’s like. We have either experienced it ourselves or helped others to get through it. For example, Tanya was once seven days from homelessness. Not many people know this story. Let Tanya share it with you.




Tanya says…..Before I learned to create my life instead of being a victim to it, I spent a lot of time just thinking about it. I purchased a lot of books on the topic. I even attended multiple free webinars, seminars, and other training events.


The problem was, I really wasn’t serious about applying what I learned, or else my life would have been better already. Oh sure, all the Law of Attraction manuals and guides stacking up on my bookshelf and computer made it look like I was serious. But I never took any serious action.


I dabbled. I did things like create vision boards and say affirmations. And I even spent time visualizing. Yet I never got serious enough about it to invest in a program that could really help me to commit to making lasting change. Somehow, nothing really clicked.

And then, BAM!


Then something happened that rocked me to my very core. And maybe you can relate to this…


One day it seemed like everything was fine. I was working at a job that I enjoyed, my family was growing up in a nice neighborhood, and we had a great house. Then suddenly, without any warning whatsoever, I was stabbed in the back at work, lost my job, and lost more than half of our family’s income.


I can’t even begin to tell you how that double loss shocked me. It really was the proverbial wake up call. Because suddenly I realized I had to make more money and turn all the negatives around, or I was going to end up homeless with three kids.


You can bet I got serious really quick. I stopped messing around. I stopped dabbling. And I started applying the Law of Attraction like never before.


It wasn’t always easy. I quickly found out the learning curve is steep when you’re trying to save your house and keep your family fed through trial and error. For a while, I was making decisions out of fear and that kept me from moving ahead. I made a lot of mistakes and wasted a lot of time and money.


But I eventually got it. And just in the nick of time. Seven days before I was going to have to move my family out of the only house two of my children had ever known, I manifested a new home. Then over just a few short years I went from being stressed out and nearly homeless to living with greater joy in a bigger home that we own on six beautiful, wooded acres in rural Virginia. Take a look (this is my real house and I love it):


So believe me when I say I know what it’s like to be a victim to all the negative circumstances in your life. It wasn’t very long ago that I was struggling with a negative attitude and inconsistent results. But once I discovered the secret of using the Law of Attraction, nothing could stop me. And now you too can learn these same secrets, without all the trial and error.


Sue has a story to share with you too, but first we want to tell you how you can create your own breakthrough…



Announcing Live Your Best Life Now: Explore the Power of You


The Consistent and Easy Way for You to Create More Money, Forge Deeper Relationships, and Experience Greater Joy in Your Life!


moneyForget about being thrown around by circumstances or the economy. Choose to let go of worry. Because once you know the attraction secrets inside this exciting online program, you’ll never again have to settle into a poverty mindset and the stress it brings with it!

That’s because the Live Your Best Life Now: Explore the Power of You online program is a detailed, step-by-step, no-fluff blueprint that will show you exactly how to create the money, love, and life of your dreams. What if you could:

  • Learn to have a better relationship with money3d
  • Stop feeling lonely and wishing you were in a great relationship
  • Choose to take control of your health issues
  • Move through the day with joy and ease
  • Leave bad breaks behind

Go ahead; imagine how you’ll feel when you start learning to love your life. Just imagine sharing your success with the partner of your dreams. And just think of what your friends and family will say once they see you manifesting all the great things you have wanted all your life!


The Live Your Best Life Now: Explore the Power of You online course will provide you with the learning, the practice, and the skills to turn your life around for the better, and start living the life you were born to live.

What is this Program Anyway?


This is a five-session, live webinar and home learning system that will teach you why you haven’t been getting the results that you want out of life, and show you how you can start being successful—in whatever way that means for you! In five webinar sessions, we will be online with you to teach you new techniques, lead you through exercises, and provide you with resources to start living a life you love—right away.


meditaionWe will also give you twelve months of access to a membership site where you can download resources, tap into audio files and bonus meditations, and share your challenges and successes with other Best Lifers who are learning alongside you. You won’t have to go through this alone, even if you don’t have supportive friends and family—we have created a Best Life Community to share the journey with you.


In five content-rich sessions, you can bet you’ll feel the same way as Tanya, who went from being nearly homeless to owning a house on six acres.


Or maybe you’ll feel like Sue, who quickly and easily manifested her career and life partner using the steps in this program. Let’s hear Sue’s story:



Sue says…I lived my childhood as a victim. My mom was emotionally, and sometimes physically, abusive. I married in my early twenties, thinking that would make it all better. I wound up a full-fledged enabler. After seven years in that marriage, I learned about the Law Of Attraction and realized, for the first time, that I was responsible for everything that happened in my life! That marriage ended a few months later and I was left with a beautiful two-year-old daughter and no child support. I was twenty-eight at the time and relying on my parents to support us. That was devastating—a low point in my life.


I was desperately trying to figure out what to do next and then someone showed up in my life and reminded me that the Law of Attraction works for work too!


I began my healthcare career working at a hospital, which required a typical 8–5 schedule…except for me! I was able to set my own schedule and work remotely (long before this was commonplace). The Law of Attraction created a job that I loved, provided plenty of money, and allowed me to put my family first.


work-life-balanceWhile I loved my work and my daughter, I also craved a relationship—to be married. For a while, I became a victim again. How would I have time to date when I was exhausted at the end of the day and my weekends were filled with activities focused on my daughter? One lonely Saturday night I created a vision board. The very next Saturday I opened the newspaper to the personal ads (long before online dating) and there he was! We were married for sixteen years. We had a great life raising his son and my daughter.


I suffered for five long years being the victim of fertility issues and pain issues. I desperately wanted another biological child and was determined to make that happen by any means possible. I pushed against the Law of Attraction, meaning I spent all of my time thinking about what I didn’t have and became more and more depressed. At the five-year mark, I was finally able to let that go, however, I kept the feeling deep inside that I would raise another girl.


Years later my daughter and stepson were grown and out of the house. My career was flourishing and I had the opportunity to make a true impact by coaching and consulting at many of the best-known healthcare systems across the US. My marriage, though, was floundering. My husband, the ideal person to raise a family with, was not my ideal partner at this new stage of life. I was clear that I would not be spending the later years of my life with him and made the most painful decision of my life, to end that marriage.


My world became my career. I was traveling each and every week and was left with no time to consider what was next. Then, in an instant, my body broke down. I could no longer travel and, in that same instant, lost my job. I was devastated! I became a recluse for weeks. Then, a bit of light seeped in and I began doing the exercises you will learn in this course.


It became clear that it wasn’t the crazy work schedule I craved; it was the satisfaction of helping others while having time for fitness and fun. I began my career as a Law of Attraction and business coach and never looked back.


I knew that my next and final significant relationship would be with someone who values family and freedom as much as I did. I met my husband through an online dating site. We met at Barnes & Noble and he was in the travel section. Over the coming months, I learned that he valued family, fitness, and freedom as much as I did and we now work and play together.


Remember my knowing that I would raise another girl? We are doing just that! I became “mommy” to his then three-and-a-half-year-old granddaughter and I am happier and more balanced than ever!




Look, you could be the next success story. You could be just like Tanya and Sue. Because…


In as little as five sessions, you too could learn how to change your life, relationship, family dynamic, and career using this proven system!

Wouldn’t it be exciting to start taking charge of your own life and experiences? Yes!


Here is what is included in the Live Your Best Life Now: Explore the Power of You program:


  • Five, live webinar sessions presented by Sue and Tanya once per quarter. Once you register, you will be given login details for each session.
  • Twelve months of online access to a private membership site where you and others in the course can share successes and support each other. This is especially valuable when others in your life don’t understand or support the Law of Attraction.
  • A downloadable Live Your Best Life Now Guidebook in PDF format that you can print and reference throughout the five sessions. This guidebook contains exercises so you can practice what you learn, and has room for you to take notes and document your success.
  • Downloadable audio recordings of our live webinar sessions so you can listen to them again on your morning commute or as you wind down for the day. Simply download them from the membership site and you are on your way to continuous learning.
  • Special BONUSES just for our Best Life Community. These include special audios and handouts from our partners like Joe Vitale, as well as special tools that we have found useful in our own journeys.


Best of all, it’s easy to start making changes in your life right away. All you have to do is register for the Live Your Best Life Now: Explore the Power of  You program, and in just moments you’ll discover:


  • How to turn your problems into possibilities—you won’t find these secrets expressed the same anywhere else!
  • What your business competitors hope you NEVER find out about attracting your ideal client!
  • A surprising trick for growing your personal network—no extra effort required!
  • The top three words that keep you stuck and how to avoid them!
  • A simple little way to find a loving partner—you won’t believe how well this works!
  • The quick way to create the business or career of your dreams—you’ll wish you had thought of this years ago!
  • The little-known strategy for becoming a victor instead of a victim—this one works so well you’ll think it’s magic!


“Man moves in a world that is nothing more or less than his consciousness objectified.”

—Neville Goddard

And so much more!


By the time you finish this exciting, five-session live webinar course, you’ll feel like you have a PhD in deliberate creation—and at last, you’ll finally have everything you need to create more money, feel deeper love, and express greater joy in your life!


You will receive all of this for a one-time purchase of $99.00!


Listen, if you’re looking for some rehashed theory or a pile of fairy dust this isn’t it. But if you’re looking for a surefire way to finally start living the life you dream about, then this is the program you should take to start changing your life for the better!


But wait, it gets even better. Because…


Order Now and You’ll Also Get a FREE BONUS audio meditation!


ear-budsTired of wishing for things that never show up? Want to find a way to clear your mind and relax into creating more good things?


Then this FREE BONUS meditation from our friend Joe Vitale is exactly what you need to banish the doubt so that you can start feeling good about your future again! In fact, it’s the easiest way we know to start shifting your energy in a positive direction—and that says a lot, because we’ve tried almost every meditation method out there!


If you have seen or read The Secret, you know Joe Vitale as the Teacher who said, “The Universe likes speed.” You will want to take action now so you can receive this audio from the master of producing music and meditations that can lift you out of the state of victimhood and raise you up to a new level of awareness—Joe Vitale. We are so grateful that he has agreed to offer this audio just for our Best Lifers.


Here’s what you can expect from the five webinar training sessions and from being a part of a virtual classroom where Sue and Tanya will be teaching you everything you need to know to start creating your best life now:


    • You will get clear on what you really want—fast. See the C2C Exercise for an astonishing strategy!
    • You’ll find out two creative yet surefire ways to raise your vibration to fuel your desire!
    • Plus you’ll discover the secret link between what you say and what you attract—almost no one knows this!

All of this in a five-session online webinar with detailed exercises, a participant guidebook, and lots of other resources on a private, content-rich membership site so that you will be right on track with where you need to be. You will be able to download and take the audio sessions with you to learn while you commute, exercise, or relax. You can also print out your guidebook so that you can see exactly where you are now and where you want to go.




The Dates for the Live Your Best Life Now  Sessions Are:

Session 1 – Tuesday, May 23 at 12:00 pm EST (winter session replays now available for all sessions)

Session 2 – Tuesday, May 30 at 12:00 pm EST

Session 3 – Tuesday, June 6 at 12:00 pm EST

Session 4 – Tuesday, June 13 at 12:00 pm EST

Session 5 – Tuesday, June 20 at 12:00 pm EST


Bonus Session – To Be Announced at 12:00 pm EST


All sessions will be recorded and available for downloading and replay!


All participants will be given complimentary access to the next quarterly session of this series!



By purchasing today you will not only receive the recordings, you will receive complimentary access to the next live course.


So let us ask you…

What is a Bustling Business or Career, Loving Relationship, or Joyful Life Worth to You?


If you’re like a lot of people, you’ve already spent hundreds of dollars on Law of Attraction or self-development programs. But none of those gave you the results you wanted. And that’s because they were all missing one crucial ingredient…


Continuous, on-going support for a FULL TWELVE MONTHS in our online membership Best Life Community


That’s what makes Live Your Best Life Now:  Explore the Power of You even more unique. Because for the first time ever, you’ll finally be able to understand how to turn your life around, and have the on-going support and guidance to do it. Just imagine having a place to connect to when you forget your own power and need a boost to start creating new miracles in your life. Feel the excitement of sharing your success with a group of others who want only the best for you. It’s like having your very own cheerleading squad cheering you on every step of the way!


Now, I know you’re thinking that this is going to set you back at least $995.


Relax…you don’t have to pay $995—not even close. That’s because we wanted to make sure this solution is available to absolutely everyone. And that’s why if you act now, you can get your program registration and twelve months in our membership community for the introductory price of just $8.25/month paid annually.

That’s right—your money, relationship, and business problems solved, for a one-time investment of just $99. This includes the FREE Bonus audio from the master of manifesting himself, Joe Vitale. You know this is an absolute steal, so click here to order now.


You will receive all of this for a one-time purchase of $99.00!



You’ll Get the Roadmap for Creating Your Best Life—
Or You’ll Get Your Money Back!


Look, you don’t even have to say, “yes” today. All you have to say is “maybe.” Because when you order now, we’ll automatically extend to you our sixty-day, money-back guarantee.


If you attend all five sessions and do the exercises and still find that Live Your Best Life Now: Explore the Power of You doesn’t help you to understand how to shift your energy and results in a positive direction, or if you’re unsatisfied for ANY reason, simply e-mail us within sixty days and we’ll refund every penny.


Fair enough?


Then there’s just one thing left for you to do…


Take Advantage of the Special Introductory Price and Order Now for Just $99!


Your next step is easy—take out your credit card and click the button below. And do it now, because twelve-month access for this low introductory price may not last long.


You will receive all of this for a one-time purchase of $99.00!



We look forward to seeing you on the other side,


Sue and Tanya


P.S. All you have to do is decide to live the abundant and joyful life you deserve, and the Universe will conspire to make all things possible for you. Once you register, Live Your Best Life Now: Explore the Power of You will take care of everything else. So make that decision right now, and then click here to change your life!

QUESTIONS? Please contact us directly at We’d love to hear from you.


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